Top 5 Men Tattoo Ideas Having Both Personal and Social Value

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Men forearm tattooAccording to the latest Harris Poll in 2012, 1 out of every 5 U.S. adults boasts one tattoo, at least. This number is more than what was there in 2008, which was only 14%. Further, 19% males have at least one tattoo on their body, which is more than the statistics in 2008 being only 15%. This simply indicates that the popularity of tattoo has increased significantly. While initially only the rock band members got tattoos, even the common man today likes to have such an artistic design on neck, shoulders, arms, and chest.


For men, tattoos represent strength and braveness. However, when it comes to men tattoo ideas, each tattoo has its own significant meaning and inference. It is no longer a painting art but a symbol of different feelings. While some tattoos indicate cultural or social love, a few others represent pain. Similarly, while a few represent religious faith, some have specific social message to be given to the world. If you are deciding to go for a tattoo, here are some cool tattoo ideas for men to consider.


Phoenix Design Ideas


Phoenix represents emerging from the ashes, which indicates regeneration, survival, immortality, and longevity. Having such a tattoo indicates having an experience or keen desire to experience revival after a personal battle. This makes practical sense because each of us seeks to come out of problematic situations.


  • Idea 1: The big and bold phoenix bird spanning across a larger body area such as the back, sleeve, or wrist, with vibrant colors, indicating being majestic
  • Idea 2: Tribal phoenix in red and black signifying the primitive Chinese and Egyptian culture for conveying resurrection
  • Idea 3: Flying phoenix with a furious look and outstretched wings on the back or along the rib cage, indicating fearlessness
  • Idea 4: Attitude showing phoenix indicating life as an ongoing challenge with never to die spirit

Dragon Design Ideas


Dragons are perhaps the most preferred of all mythological creatures, as they symbolize protection, strength, wisdom, courage, and power. In the ancient days, men and Eastern dragons were believed as the guardians of their dear ones. For Vikings, dragons onto their ships’ prows were believed to grant supernatural spots, while Chinese considered them as the sons of Gods. If you wish to show such significance, here are some cool men tattoo ideas for dragons.


  • Idea 1: Chinese dragons or Lung indicating fear, worship, mystery, and power; the Spiritual dragon to control the weather, Earth dragon to control water, Underworld dragon to defend valuable gems and metals, white dragon indicating purity, black dragon for mystery, Azure dragon for compassion, and yellow dragon heeding all pleas

Celtic Tattoos


These are one of those WOW designs when it comes to having the most masculine and classically artistic tattoo ideas for men! The deep Celtic knots and lines have a profound symbolism as well as story behind them. They are typically made using black and blue strokes to create an intricate and interlace design reflecting a manly look.


  • Idea 1: Celtic Shamrock with three leaves symbolizing the Irish Catholic Church’s ‘Holy Trinity’
  • Idea 2: Spiral boasting whirls and curls of lines and reminding the Druid culture
  • Idea 3: Zoomorphic in the shape of animals combined with Celtic knots to indicate deities having a blend of animal and human forms, or in a shape of hearts expressing devotion and love
  • Idea 4: Mazes encompassing hiding figures of different animals
  • Idea 5: Celtic cross with a circle at the intersection indicating several interpretations: Incessant God’s love, sun, or a phallic symbol

So, have you found your men tattoo idea?

Exploring The Latest and Coolest Tattoo Ideas

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simple tattoo ideaMany people all around the world want to be able to express themselves. Some individuals will do this through poetry, while others enjoy creating their own works of art. Over the years, tattoos have grown increasingly popular. Not only can tattoos looks awesome and give you individuality, but also they’ll allow you to express your love, hate or viewpoints regarding any given subject. Below, you’ll discover the latest and greatest tattoo ideas.


Getting Political

In the past few years, graffiti artists, such as Banksy, have gotten popular by expressing their political viewpoints for all to see. Everyone has some type of opinion regarding society and the government. If you want to show off your opinions, you can do so through tattoos. Who knows? You might even attract some like minded individuals, by showing off your ink.


Nature Lovers

Many people all around the world absolutely love Mother Nature. There is nothing more beautiful than the sun’s rise and the sunset. Some of the coolest tattoos feature items from nature, including butterflies, roses and leaves. These items are perfect for tattoos and give you the ability to go as big or conservative, as you desire. Remember that bigger nature scenes can be inked on your back or down your arm. The possibilities are truly endless.


Your Idols

Everyone, who has ever took a breath of fresh air, has had one or more idols. There has to be someone that you look up to. Maybe it is your father, mother or some celebrity in Hollywood? If this individual truly inspires you, you should consider memorializing this individual on your body! There is no better way to do this than with tattoos! Whenever you feel a lack of energy or motivation, you can just look at your tattoo and you’ll be filled with inspiration!



Tattoos are a great way to show the world your personality. Many tattoo enthusiasts will choose tattoos that represent their personality and artistic side. You can also include a tattoo that offers a memorandum for a deceased family member or friend. It is your body after all, so you can tattoo any art or message on it that you desire.


Concealing Scars

Although many individuals with tattoos choose them to express their personal messages, others will use them to cover unappealing scars and stretch marks. The tattoo will blend into the skin pigment, while concealing the scar from view.


Fashionable and Trendy

Many celebrities and sports stars are choosing tattoo art to express their meaningful messages. While many of the female stars select tiny tattoos, because they are sexy, this type of art will say a lot about their characteristics as a human being. If you are looking for a trendy and fashionable way to speak volumes, without opening your mouth, you should definitely select a tattoo that holds an outspoken message about you.


Designing your own Tattoo

Most tattoo artists appreciate your creativity, so they will are willing to work alongside you and help you design your own tattoo. If you want your tattoo to be original and unique, this is definitely the best way to do it. One thing that takes a lot of consideration, when going this route is the professionalism and expertise of the tattoo artist. Make sure that the artist has enough skill to pull this off, so you do not end up with an unappealing tattoo.